Steel Hamoon - Est. in 1983

For the past 34 years in the furniture industry, we have seen many changes in the design and function of seating—yet our original commitment to comfort and quality has remained intact. Our main priority, as evidenced in our customer testimonials and the awards that we have earned over the years, has been our consistent track record in producing superior quality seating products, many of which we are proud to have patented. We are proud in investing in innovation, in design and technology, and in safety initiatives such as our on-site quality control lab, where we continuously strive to perfect the performance, safety of our chairs, and in the ISO 9001:2008 certification that we received in recognition of excellence for our products. We are able to uphold the reliability of our brand by openly communicating and providing exceptional customer service to all our customers—and by doing so we ensure that our relationship with our customers remains strong, from the very onset in aiding and receiving their specifications to manufacturing, and to delivery and to installation. We strongly believe that no matter how strong our chairs, without having fully satisfied customers, our company would lack a solid leg to stand on. Steel Hamoon is an Iranian family-owned company headquartered in Tehran, Iran.
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